I teach creative business owners how to get clients with paid ads.

Want to book new clients on autopilot and make more money every single day? I'll show you how (even if you're a total beginner).

Why paid ads? Because they WORK!

You can get away with NOT doing a lot of things in your business, but online marketing isn’t one of those things.

When people ask me, “Why isn’t my business growing? What do I need to do to get more customers?”

I never hesitate with my answer. You need to run paid ads. If you want your business to grow, then knowing how to run paid ads is a must!

But there’s more to running a profitable campaign than just boosting a Facebook post and waiting for the sales to roll in… There IS some strategy involved. But you’re a smart cookie, right?

If you’re a creative local business owner — like an aesthetician, photographer, dance studio owner, interior decorator, etc — you’re in the right place!

I know you’ve got what it takes to run a paid ads campaign that brings in 5-20 top-quality new bookings every month!

Oh hey, have we met?

I'm Deirdre Andrews

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist with 17 years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve managed millions of dollars across platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram.

But I HATE working in an office and corporate advertising is not what makes me happy. The most fulfilling campaigns I’ve ever worked on have been for my brother and his wife. Helping them grow their business into what is now one of the top dance schools in our city is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

That’s why I want to help other business owners like you!

When I’m not geeking out over ads, I can be found cuddling my cats (Na’ima, Priya and Padma), sipping a Gin & Tonic and reading the latest Cormoran Strike novel.

Deirdre Andrews

Ready for more clients & bookings than ever?

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