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Book new clients on autopilot. Pay yourself a salary. Get your free time back. It’s all possible with the right paid ads.

    The number of clients on your books dictates everything...

    Whether you want to: 

    The number of clients you have on your books has the last say in whether any of that actually happens.

    But chances are, you already know that…

    Chances are, you’ve checked off at least a few of these boxes since you first started selling your service:

    sound familiar?


    It's Time to Start Getting the Clients You Need!


    Imagine waking up, seeing the bookings on your calendar, and doing what you do best without stressing over where your next client is coming from.

    What would that mean for your business? For your quality of life?


    You did it! It feels so good, doesn’t it? You actually learned how to make the money your family needs and do what you love and are insanely good at...

    And you did it without Groupons, DMs, or working every minute of the day.

    Social HOURS

    Holy crap! You have time for hobbies again. Your friend just called to ask if you’re free for karaoke tonight and you’ll definitely be there cheering!

    No need to even stress about spending time chasing down new clients.

    A sense of pride

    You did everything it took to build your business with quality and love.

    You’re proud to share your talent with your community. And that “new booking” email never gets old cuz you know that what you offer is amazing.

    What a great feeling compared to doing everything with resentment because you charged too low or worked too hard to get the client in the first place.


    The guilt of not finding balance is (mostly) gone. You’re a better person for the people that need you and you now have space to:

    ✓ Play with your kiddos instead of asking them for 5 more minutes.

    ✓ Hug your partner without running off the next thing so quickly.

    ✓ Take care of yourself!

    Here’s how to book 5-20 new clients
    Every month on autopilot

    and get the life you deserve...

    Yes. It’s actually possible! In fact, it’s never been easier to grow a service-based business like yours to 6-figures and beyond.

    Online, we are everywhere.

    We’re living in a digital world!

    How many times have you looked something up on Google, closed the tab, opened up your FB, and then seen an ad... for that very thing you just looked up?

    That’s not a coincidence. You're being followed across platforms and devices.

    Believe it or not, this is a really simple paid ads strategy that some savvy business owner is using to:

    Here's where things get super exciting...

    Your potential clients are living in this same online world.

    And you can use the same holistic paid ads approach to finally create the buzz (and bookings) you need in order for your business to start thriving!

    Learn everything you need to finally start booking new clients on autopilot through paid ads.

    Join an intimate group of small business owners
    with unprecedented support!

    OK... What exactly IS Fully Booked?

    A hybrid course + GROUP coaching program

    This means that, in addition to your recorded video lessons, you’ll have direct access to a coach to ask questions, get feedback, and support.

    You’ll learn everything you need to know to create a paid ads campaign that works and finally start getting your calendar booked up.

    I’ll guide you through the different stages of the customer journey and show you how your ads should meet people at every step. Then, we’ll create a marketing plan based on your goals and set a realistic budget to match.

    And together, we’ll walk through setting up your Google, Facebook and Instagram ads, step-by-step.

    No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.​

    (the best stuents do)

    You heard right! After running Fully Booked! 4 times, I noticed a trend. The people that really saw results were the most involved students.

    And they had results like these permanent makeup artists:

    Farideh, owner of Flair de Beauté in Virginia, booked 29 new clients in just 2 months! That’s $21,750 in revenue!

    And Amrit, a PMU artist and owner of Toronto Beauty House is now earning more than $12,000 per month from online bookings.

    I want that for you, too!

    But I know life is complicated…

    To try to figure out ads at the same time as trying to figure out how to get the rest of your family to help around the house is rough.

    It’s not as simple as “just get involved.”

    So I’ve added in a LOT of support to make sure you don’t just join the program, you work through it and get your ads set up RIGHT so you can use everything you learn from me and see results for years to come!

    Here’s the kind of support you’re looking at during our 12 weeks together:

    Bi-Weekly Group Calls

    The best way to reach a goal, is to be held accountable for it. That’s why FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FULLY BOOKED! HISTORY, I’m adding in these group calls.

    They’ll give you (and your fellow future ad superstars) an opportunity to ask questions, get the support you need, and the kick in the pants to walk away motivated to get those ads up and running.

    Calls will take place in between modules, giving you ample time to work through each lesson, so you really are going step-by-step and not getting left in the dust.

    We’ll get together on Zoom and go over everything, then you can ask questions and get live feedback.

    Each call will last 50 minutes and be recorded (just in case you can’t make it live).

    Facebook Group

    Inside The VIP Club, you’ll find a vibrant community of like minded entrepreneurs (including myself) waiting to motivate, inspire, and yes support you!

    Have questions about any of the lessons?We’ve got answers!

    Want feedback on your ads? We’re ready to help you tweak + keep ya motivated

    Stuck setting up any of your campaigns?Just let us know.

    Want to share an exciting win? We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

    I’m available in the group a few times a week, but there’s a whole community of business owners just like you who have been there, done that when it comes to ads and they’d love to help.
    I totally get it. You work really hard for every dollar and you don’t want to just throw it away because some lady on the internet told you to (I’m the lady on the internet, FYI).

    Now, I know you’re not a marketer. And I know you don’t want to be one, either.

    But if you need more clients and bookings, you’ve got to do something to get your name out there. Word of mouth will only take you so far.

    In the old days, you would place your ad in the Yellow Pages (remember those?).

    Now? It’s Google and Facebook (I know you’ve looked stuff up on both of those).

    Paid ads for local businesses, when done right, can transform your business. Let me show you how to do them right.
    There’s no guarantee when running paid ads. But here’s the thing:

    Your business had costs. Probably before you even made a dime.

    Licenses and certifications…
    Stocking supplies…
    Buying new equipment…
    Renting a space…

    All those costs with no guarantee of a return.
    But they were essential to starting. And paid ads are essential to growing!

    The goal of this program is simple. Learn how to get customers. If that’s a goal for you too, then I invite you to apply.

    Here’s how to see if Fully Booked! is worth the investment for you right now.

    For most service-based businesses I work with, the average value of a new client over one year is anywhere from $500 to $3,000.

    For example, if you’re an eyelash extension artist and you book a new client for a full set plus 3 fills, that’s worth about $500.

    In that case, you would need to book 9 new clients to make your money back.

    Is that possible with this program? Absolutely!

    Tiffany, a lash and makeup artist in Massachusetts, has already booked those 9 new clients in just 6 weeks.

    Samantha, another lash artist in Perth, Australia, booked 20 new clients in 2 months.

    And Dreama-Destiny, a lash artist in southern Maryland, booked 42 new clients in 3 months.

    Or maybe you’re a photographer (wedding, boudoir, portrait, or otherwise). If your packages go for $1,800 and up you’d only need to book 2-3 new clients.

    Kathy, a wedding photographer, booked 14 elopement sessions within 2 months.

    John, a pet photographer, booked his first session within 3 days!

    So if you’re on the fence about making this investment, here’s what you need to know:

    #1 – Yes, this is investment and that can be really scary. Your feelings are totally valid and I’m not going to shy you away from them.

    #2 – Investment means investment. You are doing this for the long haul. The examples above? Those are all short term results. Imagine what they can do/are doing with what they learned from that initial investment.

    This isn’t a “I build you a fire and you’re comfy + cozy for one night” type of thing.

    This is a “I teach you how to put fuel on the fire of your business so you can burn red hot for years to come” type of thing.

    And just like you spent time, money, and energy on learning to be a lash artist, PMU artist, photographer, etc…

    Learning the skill of ads requires some upfront investment of time, money, and energy as well.

    Is it worth it?

    If you started your business because it was something you were good at, but now you know you…

    ✓ are in it for the long haul

    ✓ have to stop working so hard for too little money

    ✓ want peace of mind when it comes to where new clients are coming from

    Then I want to personally invite you to apply!

    There’s no obligation to purchase if you get accepted (we can always save a spot for you next round if it turns out now is not the right time).

    First up, let me reiterate that this is NOT a get-rich-quick kinda program. If you’re hoping that ads are the miracle that will save your drowning business overnight, this program is NOT for you.

    Learning how to build and manage a campaign takes time (and we don’t even start a campaign until you’ve worked through some numbers and set some goals first).

    If you’re willing to show up and do the work, you can feasibly make your money back within 30 days of launching your ads.

    But it’s not uncommon to start getting new bookings in as little as 2 weeks!

    Especially now that I’ve added in so much more support and access to my ad-tastic brain.
    You’re in luck! This is a beginner level course. If you have no experience with paid ads, you should definitely apply.

    I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know in a simple, step-by-step approach.

    Now, this doesn’t mean this is easy. Or that you’ll breeze through the modules and be raking in the dough in the next week.

    Side Note: Anyone promising you that is grossly exaggerating.

    What this means is that you’re going to learn a new skill.

    You might pick up on some parts of the content really quickly. While other aspects may be a little more complicated.

    But I’ve got your back every step of the way.

    With 6 bi-weekly coaching calls, tech tutorials, a private FB group, and an introduction module just to walk you through “the customer journey” and how to run ads that reach folks at any stage…

    You’re going to be supported throughout the program.

    Of course, if you need some extra attention in between calls, just hop on over to our private FB group to tag me with your question.

    Remember, we’re all in this together and working towards the same goal. Your question is likely someone else’s question, so don’t be shy!
    Like I’ve been mentioning, this is a course and coaching program. That means I want people in this round that I know are positioned in the right spot to blow up their businesses with ads.

    This is NOT going to be the thing you need to stop your business from going broke tomorrow…

    But it IS the thing that is going to take the sparks you have right now and turn them into a full-on campfire you can roast marshmallows on with the kids… if you know what I mean.

    I want to make sure you’re ready. And that your business can handle the success you see with ads (and maybe a little about how well you play nice with others — this is a group setting, after all).

    The application only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and I’d love to see if you’re the right fit, so scroll down and apply!
    No worries. You’ve got 21 days to go through the course materials to see if they’re the right fit for your business. You can even join us for our first group coaching call!

    If you’re not 100% thrilled with everything, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire purchase. That’s just the right thing to do.

    But just a heads up… The modules are released bi-weekly and I will ask to see that you’ve watched all of the available content. You do actually have to make an effort.
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