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This Lash Extension Artist is On Track to Make 6 Figures

This Lash Extension Artist is On Track to Make 6 Figures August 1, 2019Leave a comment

I teach local business owners and creative entrepreneurs how to build and launch profitable online marketing campaigns.

As business owners, I think one thing we all have in common is passion. Something that just lights us up inside and we’re dying to share it with the world 😍

But no matter how passionate we are about what we do, finding a consistent flow of new customers and clients is a struggle!

💬 “If I could just get 5 steady clients a month, I’d be ok…”

💬 “If only I could just bring in 10 new regular customers, this would all be worth it…”

💬 “I just need 3 more sales this month and I’ll be able to keep going…”

Sound familiar?

I hear the same frustrations from my students all the time… They come to me feeling stressed, overwhelmed, desperate for a quick win and afraid that they may have to give up on their dreams if business doesn’t pick up soon.

I hear you, and I know this struggle first hand.

That’s why I wanted to share a ✨Success Story✨ with you today… so you can get some inspiration and encouragement!

Magda is one of my Google Ads students. She’s an Eyelash Extension Artist and the creator of LashMania Studio in Mississauga, Canada (yes, she’s a real person, you can check out her website here).

I met Magda while she was going through a period of transition in her business. For years she had been servicing clients out of her home but she knew she was destined for something bigger. So she finally took the leap to open her very own full-service Lash Salon in a busy city location!

But she was terrified…

First, there was one construction delay…

… and then another…

… and yet another.

Costs were increasing and Magda was nervously watching her bank account balance disappear.

She needed to bring in some new clients to her at-home salon FAST.

Magda knew she wasn’t going to find new customers just by posting pretty pictures on Instagram. And because she’s the kind of person who always searches for information online, she knew that she had to be visible on Google.

She created her first Google Ads campaign, found my free Google Ads Cheat Sheet, then my Google Ads Workshop and now she’s one of my very best students!

But let’s talk about Magda’s results! That’s the important part, right?

Here’s what she achieved just 3 weeks after overhauling her Google Ads campaign:

  • 29% increase in web traffic
  • 56% increase in conversion rate
  • 160% increase in appointment bookings
  • 13 new bookings
  • $1,175 in sales in just 3 weeks 💰💰💰
  • 357% increase in REVENUE


Imagine seeing all these little green arrows in your Google Analytics dashboard:

Here’s what Magda had to say about her experience:

“I’ve been following Deirdre for over a year. I first found her Google Ads Cheat Sheet, then her Google Ads Workshop and they helped me a lot with optimizing my existing campaign. I also started following all of the free recommendations and mini-lessons she was posting and they were amazingly easy to follow!

Now, nearly 100% of my lash extensions business comes from Google Search. That’s how all my new clients find me!

Ok, I’m definitely blushing 🥰

The takeaway from Magda’s story is that it IS POSSIBLE to turn things around when you’re desperately in need of a quick win…

If you’re tired of struggling and you’re committed to finally doing what it takes to get a steady flow of new customers through your door… now’s the time to take action!

Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine!), a notebook and your favourite pen and join over 500 other savvy business owners just like you in my Google Ads Workshop: 4 Secrets to Crush Your Campaign.

Not only will you learn my top 4 secrets for a profitable Google Ads campaign, but this workshop will also give you the momentum you desperately need to start bringing in new customers!

UPDATE: Where Magda’s at Now

LashMania Studio’s waterfront salon has officially opened for business in Port Credit, Mississauga!

I asked Magda how business has been since her salon opened and here’s what she told me…

“My appointment bookings have TRIPLED and all of my new clients tell me that they found me through Google!”

Wow…. congratulations to Magda! If business keeps up like this, her salon will be well on track to make 6-figures over the coming year.

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Tara Walsh is a licensed esthetician, master lash artist, and a business coach, consultant and marketing strategist for lash artists. She coaches lash artists from all over the world on how to start, build and grow a thriving lash business on their own terms.

I teach local business owners and creative entrepreneurs how to build and launch profitable online marketing campaigns.

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