hey boss! Get ready to...

Grow your business to
6-figures & beyond

Book new clients on autopilot. Pay yourself a salary. Get your free time back. It’s all possible with the right paid ads.

Define Marketing by Deirdre Andrews

You know your clients make every business decision for you, right?

Whether you want to buy better equipment, renovate your business space, or attend an out-of-town conference to upgrade your skills, or simply start taking home an actual pay check...

The number of clients you have on your books has the last say in whether any of that stuff actually happens. 

But chances are, you already know that...

Chances are, you’ve checked off at least a few of these boxes since you first started selling your service:


Yikes! Time to make a change...

it's time to Start Getting
The Clients You Need!

You wake up in the morning and immediately check your phone for an email, DM, or FB message. Anything that says you’ve got a new customer...

Well, lookie here! You’ve got a couple of messages!

Do you offer discounts?
Where are you located?
Can I get back to you?

Ugh!! Why won't they just book already??

Your website looks ok and you've got good Google reviews. You’re responding to every comment on IG like the pros tell you. You’ve even started creating stupid Reels for f*cks sake! 

Why is this so effing hard?!?

Wait... Hold up...

Imagine for a second if you were able to go throughout your day without the DMs... Without the "ohmygosh are they gonna book or what?" feelings.

Imagine just waking up, seeing the bookings on your calendar, and getting to do what you do best with little thought to where the next customer is coming from.

What would that mean for your business? For your quality of life, for that matter?

It’s all possible if you prioritize learning how to find clients on autopilot with a paid ads 'ecosystem' that not only teaches people about your business, but gets them to book.

Here’s how to book 5-20 new clients
Every month on autopilot

and get the life you deserve...

Yes. It’s actually possible! In fact, it’s never been easier to grow a service-based business like yours to 6-figures and beyond.

Online, we are everywhere.

We’re living in a digital world!

How many times have you looked something up on Google, closed the tab, opened up your FB, and then seen an ad... for that very thing you just looked up?

That’s not a coincidence. You're being followed across platforms and devices.

Believe it or not, this is a really simple paid ads strategy that some savvy business owner is using to:

Here’s where things get super exciting...

Your potential clients are living in this same online world.

And you can use the same holistic paid ads approach to finally create the buzz (and bookings) you need in order for your business to start thriving!

A hybrid course + coaching program that will teach you
how to find clients on autopilot with paid ads.

Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads made simple.

Fully Booked! Calendar

What is exactly is Fully Booked?

Fully Booked! is a hybrid online course + coaching program. This means that, in addition to your recorded video lessons, you'll have direct access to a coach (me) to ask questions, get feedback, and support.

In just 8 weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a paid ads campaign that actually works and finally start getting your calendar booked up with the right clients.

I’ll guide you through the different stages of the customer journey and show you how your ads should meet them at every step.

Then, we’ll create a marketing plan based on your revenue goals and set a realistic budget to match.

And together, we'll walk through setting up your Google, Facebook and Instagram ads, step-by-step.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.


Goal Setting & Budget Planning

I never want you to spend money without having a plan first. Before we do anything, you’ll set your goals and budget.

In module one, you're going to learn:


Creating Awareness with Display Ads

Different ads serve different purposes. Learn how to get your biz out there and become a local favourite with Display Ads.

In module two, you're going to learn:


Capturing Interest with Search Ads

Google Ads are the internet's best-kept secret. I'll show you how to use them as your secret weapon!

In module three, you're going to learn:


Driving Action with Remarketing Ads

This is where you'll start making money! You'll set up a true ecosystem where your ads work together to get the booking.

In module four, you're going to learn:


Optimizing for Maximum Results

Ok, your ads are all set up. Now what? Here's where you'll learn how to keep your ads running smoothly.

In module five, you're going to learn:

It's time to get Fully Booked!

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Super cashflow friendly


Guest Expert Sessions

Personally, I know a LOT about how to run a successful ad campaign. But you need more than that to have a successful business... You need PROFIT!!

That’s why you'll get access to RJ Connell's Priced for Profit workshop all about how to price your services.

You’ll also get Katie Scott’s More With Money training on the relationship between your business and personal finances.

($597 value)


Ads Budget Calculator

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You should never start an ad campaign without a clear plan... and a budget.

Use this Plug 'n Play Budget Calculator to make sure you’re spending the right amount for the results you need and the resources you have.

Plus, you'll get a clear idea of how much you can afford to pay per click and keep your ads profitable.

($97 value)


Canva Ad Templates

Display Ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram) are super important for creating visibility and awareness.

But don't stress... You don't have to pay an expensive designer or spend hours trying to create your own ads from scratch.

Use these Canva templates instead and you’ll have your ads up and running in record time.

($297 value)


Keyword Swipe File

Google Search Ads are how we'll get your business in front of people who are looking for what you sell.

I know that keyword research can be stressful, so I've taken care of that for you. This collection keywords (the ones I use for private clients) are proven to get results.

Plus, I’ve thrown in a few ad copy samples for good measure.

($97 value)


'Hot Seat' Sessions

We are often too close to our own business to make clear decisions (yes, even me).

Hearing examples from others and seeing what they are doing can be a tremendous help in getting clarity and taking your next best step.

That’s why you’ll get access to recordings of coaching calls with some of my past clients. Use them to help you brainstorm ideas and get clarity on your business.

($297 value)


1:1 Ads Review Session

My fav bonus! I will personally review your ads, just you and me.

Once everything is set up (usually after Module 4), I’ll send you a link to my calendar. You’ll pick a day and time. I’ll request access to your ad accounts, take a look around, and when your time comes…. We’ll review everything together during a 45-min Zoom call.

And don’t worry. I’ll hit the record button so you can review everything later.

If you don't love it, I'll give your money back!

I know that investing in your business is scary as hell. That’s why I offer a 21-day refund policy. That means you can purchase Fully Booked right now and watch all of the available content and bonuses (note that modules are released weekly).

And if it isn't for you? Email me within 21 days and I'll refund your fees in full.

You don't have to submit homework, but I do want to see that you’ve watched all available modules — you actually have to try!

But if paid ads aren't the direction you want to take your business or the course isn't what you thought it would be, let me know within 21 days and I’ll refund your money. That’s just the right thing to do!

Oh hey, have we met?

I'm Deirdre Andrews

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist with 15 years of experience. Throughout my career, I’ve managed millions of dollars across platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram.

But let me tell you something… I HATE working in an office and corporate advertising is not what makes me happy. The most fulfilling campaigns I’ve ever worked on have been for my brother and his wife. Helping them grow their business into what is now one of the top dance schools in our city is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

That’s why I want to help other business owners like you!

When I’m not geeking out over online marketing, I can be found cuddling my cats (Na’ima, Priya and Padma), sipping a Gin & Tonic and reading the latest Cormoran Strike novel.

Deirdre Andrews

Are you a perfect fit?

(the best students do!)

I totally get it. You work really hard for every dollar and you don’t want to just throw it away because some lady on the internet told you to (I’m the lady on the internet, FYI.)

Now, I know you’re not a marketer. And I know you don’t want to be one, either. 

But if you need more clients and bookings, you’ve got to do something to get your name out there. Word of mouth will only take you so far. 

In the old days, you would place your ad in the Yellow Pages (remember those?)

Nowadays? It’s Google and Facebook (I know you’ve looked stuff up on both of those…)

Ads for local businesses, when done right, can transform your business! Let me show you how to do them right. 

There’s no way around it… Ads cost money and that can be terrifying. Especially when you’re first learning how they work and how to make them work for your business.

That’s why I’ve designed this program to help even the most inexperienced entrepreneurs get comfortable inside the ads dashboard.

Here’s the kind of support you’re looking at during our 8 weeks together:

Private Facebook Group

Inside The VIP Club, you’ll find a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs (including myself) waiting to motivate, inspire, and yes, support you!

✅ Have questions about any of the lessons? We’ve got answers!

✅ Want feedback on your ads? We’re ready to help you tweak them + keep you motivated!

✅ Stuck setting up any of your campaigns? Just let us know.

✅ Want to share an exciting win? We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

I’m available in the group a few times a week, but there’s a whole community of business owners just like you who have been there, done that when it comes to ads and they’d love to help.

1:1 Ads Review Session

AKA the best strategy call of your life!

Once you’ve made it through all of the lessons and got your campaigns all set up (Display, Search, and Retargeting)…

We’ll book your personal 1:1 Ads Review Session and go through everything together on Zoom.

This is going to get you 100% confident that it’s all done right.

There’s never a guarantee when running paid ads. 

But here’s the thing…

Your business had costs. Probably before you even made a dime.

Licenses and certifications…
Stocking supplies…
Buying new equipment…
Renting a space…

All those costs had no guarantee of a return.

But they were essential to starting. And ads are essential to growing.

My goal for you inside this course is simple. Learn how to get customers.

If that’s a goal for you too, then I invite you to join Fully Booked right now.

First up, let me reiterate that this is NOT a get-rich-quick kinda program. If you’re hoping that ads are the miracle that will save your drowning business overnight, this program is NOT for you. 

Learning how to build and manage a campaign takes time (and we don’t even start a campaign until you’ve worked through some numbers and set some goals first).

If you’re willing to show up and do the work, you can feasibly make your money back within 60 days of launching your ads.

But it’s not uncommon to start getting new bookings in as little as 2 weeks! 

You’re in luck!

This is a beginner level course. If you have no experience with paid ads, you should definitely sign up.

I’ll be walking you through everything you need to know in a simple, step-by-step approach.

Now this doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. Or that you’ll breeze through the modules and be raking in the cash in the next week. 

(Side Note: anyone promising you that is grossly exaggerating.)

What this means is that you’re going to learn a new skill. You might pick up on some parts of the content really quickly. While other aspects may be a little more complicated.

But I’ve got your back every step of the way. 

With tech tutorials, a private FB group, live Q&As, and an introduction module just to walk you through “the customer journey” and how to run ads that reach folks at any stage….you’re going to be supported throughout the program.

Don’t forget! You’ll also get a 45-minute 1:1 coaching session with me where we’ll take a really close look at your business goals and budget, and even review your ads.

Oooh such a great question!

In short, the Facebook group is for helping you get your ads set up, asking questions as you, and getting support so you stay motivated.

But once you have your ads set up and running we’ll hop on Zoom to throw fuel on the fire!

Together, we’ll make sure everything is tip-top so you’re booking as many clients (and making as much profit) as possible.

Here are some typical things we might go over:

✅ A campaign audit to ensure everything is set up to perform the best it can

✅ Stat review (click-through rates, cost per click, conversion rates) w/ suggestions to maximize results

✅ Take a look at your website + booking process to increase conversion rates (ads are only half the equation – once they get to your website, it’s gotta be easy to book you)

✅ Your revenue goals to make sure the ads budget is in line with achieving those

✅ Answer any leftover questions about your dashboard, the numbers, and what’s good/bad/normal

In the past, I’ve focused almost exclusively on Google Ads. I still love them, but as online marketing strategies evolve, I now believe that putting all your eggs in one basket is an old school way of thinking.

Instead of teaching you how to get really good at one type of ad, I’m going to teach you how to get different types of ads working together to help you achieve your number one goal.

We’re covering Google Display Ads, Google Search Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

This might seem more complicated, but I’ve got a system where these all work super well together to get your calendar booked out.

And after 8 weeks, you are going to see just how this will get you to your 6-figure goals.

No worries. You’ve got 21 days to go through the course materials to see if they’re the right fit for your business.

If you’re not 100% thrilled with everything, just let me know and I’ll refund your entire purchase. That’s just the right thing to do.

But just a heads up… The modules are released one week at a time and I will ask to see that you’ve watched all of the available content. You do actually have to make an effort.

It's time to get Fully Booked!

Choose the best plan for you...

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Best value! Save $80

4 payments of


Super cashflow friendly

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