by Deirdre Andrews

98% of your website visitors will leave without buying. If you’re not Remarketing, you’re missing out on potential customers. Bring your site visitors back!

If you’re new to online marketing, you might begin to feel frustrated quickly...

You’re spending your hard earned money on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, you’re getting clicks, but nobody is buying!

You might be thinking, “Advertising is stupid, it’s just a scam, it doesn’t work!”

I get it.

It’s scary to invest in something that you’re not completely confident in, especially when you’re not seeing instant results.

But the truth is, online advertising takes time, just like it’s taken you time to build your business itself!

Most marketers agree that it takes at least 3 ad exposures before a consumer even notices your brand. Some say it could take as many as 6 exposures before a consumer will begin to recognize you and decide to check you out.

But, what happens after someone visits your website? Does that mean they become an instant buyer or brand loyalist? Probably not!

There’s so much NOISE out there.

So many advertisements.

So many brands competing for attention.

So many options to consider.

In today’s world of social media, experts are now saying it might take as many as 26-28 exposures before a potential customer gets to the point where they’re ready to make a buying a decision.

Do you know what that means for your web traffic?

It means 98% or MORE of your website visitors are leaving, possibly never to return.

That’s where Remarketing comes into play!

How to target people by the pages or products they've visited

How to target by the amount of time a user spends on your site

How to target people who have visited your site more than once

How to exclude people who have already purchased

How to set the right frequency cap to avoid ad fatigue

How to set the right Audience Membership Timeline

Ever feel like you're being followed online?

Those super cute shoes you were looking at but couldn’t buy til payday are now appearing EVERYWHERE you look. It’s not magic and it’s not a coincidence… It’s Remarketing!

Remarketing is an insanely effective online advertising strategy that turns your site visitors into customers. If you’re not doing it, you’re definitely missing out on sales.

The Remarketing Mastery guide contains over 30 pages of detailed content including step-by-step instructions and screen shots, making it super easy to get started and follow up with your site visitors on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network.

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