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When it comes to promoting a small or local business online, I love Google Ads! Why? You’re targeting people who are in the market for your service and are actively searching for what you offer! How great is that??

In this free Cheat Sheet I’m sharing 8 smart strategies to generate top quality web traffic and booking more dream clients on autopilot! If you want a steady flow of new clients through your door, be sure to grab your guide below!

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Hey, I'm Deirdre

I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist with 15 years of overall marketing experience. I’ve managed millions of dollars across platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Working with a full-service ad agencies, I’ve designed campaigns for a wide array of brands including Microsoft, Porsche, Audi, Ottawa Tourism, the Ottawa Senators and Hard Rock Casino!

But let me tell you something… I HATE working in an office and corporate advertising is not what makes me happy. 

The most fulfilling campaigns I’ve ever worked on have been for my own family business, a dance studio. Helping my brother and his wife grow their business into what is now one of the top dance schools in our city is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

That’s why I want to help other small business owners like you! Work with me right this second by signing up for this FREE Google Ads Cheat Sheet.

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