$5/day Instagram Ads

Start booking (and re-booking) your Instagram followers...

Start booking your Instagram followers

and position your business as #1 in your local market with 5 simple retargeting ads

"I know I should be running ads, but... Ugh!"

“I can’t get started because I don’t have a big budget!”

“The thought of losing money is enough to make me hurl!”

“Words like campaign and optimize make my head hurt!”

WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Actually, it doesn’t matter!

Because we are about to finally get you started in a way that will get you actual results.



We’re going to run ads that’ll position you as #1 in your local market. And we’re going to run them to people that already know, like, and trust you.


Because people buy from people they trust!

It's time to (finally) get started with paid ads

Look, I know you’re at least a little willing to learn this stuff. Otherwise, you and me? We never would have met.

But I also know you didn’t get into business because you were born to sell. You got into business because — hands down — you’re really good at what you do.

The idea of shelling out hundreds of (hard earned) dollars every month to "play the ad game" is way too heavy right now...

And you know what? That’s okay.

Because there IS a way to run ads that isn’t anything like the guessing game it might feel like.

Enter: Retargeting (aka Remarketing)

This means running ads to people who have already engaged with your business online. You know, like...

The best part? On top of getting your business in front of people that know who you are and are considering your services...

These ads run for as little as $5/day!

A truly simple “set-it-and-forget-it” method that will have you showing up - ahem - EVERYWHERE!


Here's what we'll cover
in this 1-hour workshop...

The 5 types of social posts you can turn into retargeting ads

What each of these ads looks like (with lots of examples)

How to set them up in your Facebook Ads Manager

Imagine checking off just one of these boxes

You look over your friend’s shoulder while she’s cruising IG and what do you see? The ad you set up after this workshop. People are starting to come to you saying, “You must be really good! I keep seeing you all over the place!”

We all have clients that drop off. Life happens and they forget to rebook. But now you have a plan to get those people back. The ads you learned in this workshop are running on auto-pilot to remind previous clients to start booking again!

Social media used to feel hard. So many unfruitful DM conversations.  But now, when that ping comes across your notifications, you know you’ve got a potential customer on your hands.

With Be Everywhere, you can experience all of the above!

Be Everywhere is NOT...


Be Everywhere IS...


Whether you’re in the beauty business or offer some other type of local service, this workshop will walk you through the simplest way to get started with paid ads!

You’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee

This paid ads strategy has helped hundreds of small, local business owners get more bookings on the calendar and more clients in the front door.

If you don’t love Be Everywhere, let me know within 14 days and I’ll refund your money in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be Everywhere was built to be a low-cost, low risk “starter kit” to online ads. 


The workshop itself is $79. 


Inside the workshop, I teach you a true “set it and forget it” method to run social media ads for as little as $5/day.

That means if you purchase this workshop and get these ads up and running quickly, you should expect to spend around $250 TOTAL in the next month(ish). 

Depending on how much your services cost, you’ll make that back in no time.

I know you’re busy. It’s hard to free up time to learn anything new.  And if you’ve ever logged into an ads dashboard without any warning of how stressful it can be, I get why you might be feeling like this is impossible.


So here’s how Be Everywhere is different:


#1 – I’m not trying to teach you the entire ad dashboard. That would be like trying to run a marathon before learning to walk. With this, we are simply taking those first few steps.


#2 – This is a 1-hour recording so that you can watch at your convenience. Setting up the ads after the workshop typically takes about an hour (maybe two if you feel like you’re not the most tech savvy).

So, yes! You will have to carve out some time in your schedule. But it’s worth it.

Because remember! People buy from people they trust. And we’ll be running ads to people who already have some trust in you. They just need a little reminder of why they should book.


And with the $5/day method you learn in Be Everywhere – you’ll be sending out that reminder often. And getting more people in the door.

Whoops! This workshop won’t be for you, then. 


You must have a Facebook business page, Instagram, and your own website (not just a booking page like Square or Vagaro) to fully implement what you learn in this workshop.

Nope! For this workshop, we are just using social media to retarget the people already following us or looking at our website.

We won’t be going after a brand new audience with the ads, so Google isn’t necessary to learn.

The point? I know learning ads can be scary / hard / overwhelming, so let’s start off slow, with a small budget. We’re dipping our toes in here (finding people already interested in us to book or re-book.)

This is 1-hour workshop. It is pre-recorded to watch at your convenience.

True. To implement what you learn in the workshop, you’ll need to invest around $5/ day. That averages about $150/month. Depending on the cost of your services, you should make up what you spend very quickly.

Hey, I'm Deirdre!

After 17 years, a family business, a corporate agency job, and millions spent on client campaigns…

I’ve learned that learning ads can be really hard. 

So if you’re struggling right now between “I know I’ve got to learn them” and “omg I can’t learn them!”

Don’t stress! Let’s start out slow.

In this workshop, we’re going to create some really beautiful social media posts (chances are you might already have most of them created). 

And then we’re going to spend just $5/day to get them in front of past customers, current social media followers, and people visiting your website.




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