Search Engine

by Deirdre Andrews

The exact blueprint to launch a profitable Google Ads campaign — so you can attract the RIGHT people and turn your website visitors to paying customers!

Small Business Owners are passionate people, but often struggle to find new customers…

Deep down, you know that your business NEEDS to be seen in order to grow… but investing your own money into online advertising is terrifying, isn’t it?

Especially when you don’t see immediate results…

You’re getting clicks but no sales, you feel like you’re throwing money into a black hole and you’re starting to feel skeptical that this online advertising bullsh*t even works!

But it IS possible to run a profitable Google Ads campaign and you don’t need to hire an expensive agency or marketing consultant to do it. You can do this, all on your own! It all starts with my flagship program, Search Engine Superstars.

Are You Ready?!

Are you ready to finally create a Google Ads campaign that consistently generates a steady flow of new website visitors and new CUSTOMERS for your business?

If you’ve put your heart and soul into your business but you’re still struggling to find new customers…

If you’ve spent time and money on building a beautiful website but you’re still not getting traffic…

If you’ve been posting pretty pictures on Instagram but STILL nobody knows who you are…

If you’ve tried Google, Facebook or Instagram ads and you’ve been getting clicks but no sales…


I'm here to help you build the perfect Google Ads campaign, so you can start getting new customers through your door!

So you can start making money doing what you love!


Learn how Google Ads differ from Facebook Ads, the value they can bring to your business plus how the Google Ads auction works.


Create an easy-to-manage account structure and link your analytics, so you'll know what happens after someone clicks on your ad.


Not sure how much you should be spending? Set a realistic online marketing budget with your sales goals and profit margins in mind.


All the tools you need to choose the right keywords in order to drive qualified, relevant and ready-to-buy traffic to your website.


There's more to a Google Ad than just your business name... This isn't the Yellow Pages! Write ads that not only get the click but get the sale.


All the tips and tricks you need to improve your Quality Score, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate and Cost per Click.




A private Facebook Group for Master Class students only. Need help with your campaign? Ask questions and get answers (from me and your peers) here.



Not sure how much to spend on ads? I got you covered with this Spreadsheet. Simply input your goals and Voila! Your budget will be calculated for you!


SEO 101

Learn how Search Engine Optimization differs from Google Ads, how to choose keywords to boost your rank and how to write a killer title and meta description.



Understanding your website stats in Google Analytics is a huge part of running a successful campaign. Not to worry, this program covers what you need to know.

See what's inside the Search Engine Superstars masterclass:

Lesson 1: The Value of Search Engine Marketing

Lesson 2: How the Auction System Works

Lesson 1: Structuring Your Account 

BONUS: Guide to Ad Group Structure

Lesson 2: Analyzing Your Data

Lesson 1: Setting Your Budget

BONUS: Budget Calculator

Lesson 2: Choosing Your Keywords

LINK: Keyword Research Tools

Lesson 3: Bidding on Your Brand

Lesson 4: Writing Your Ad Copy

BONUS: Copywriting Worksheet

Lesson 5: Launching Your Campaign 

Lesson 6: Conversion Tracking

Lesson 1: Key Performance Indicators

Lesson 2: Setting Up Ad Extensions

Lesson 3: Search Terms and Negative Keywords

Lesson 4: Exclusions and Bid Adjustments

Lesson 5: Ad Scheduling

Lesson 6: Call-Only Campaigns

Lesson 7: Optimizing Your Landing Page

LINK: Google Site Speed Test

Lesson 8: Automation

Lesson 1: What is Remarketing?

Lesson 2: Display Network Remarketing

Lesson 3: Retargeting Lists for Search Ads

Lesson 4: Facebook / Insta Remarketing

E-BOOK: Remarketing Mastery

Lesson 1: Intro to Google Analytics

Lesson 2: Your Dashboard… Explained

Lesson 1: Intro to Search Engine Optimization

Lesson 2: How to Jumpstart Your SEO


Ever feel like you’re being followed online?

Those super cute shoes you were looking at but couldn’t buy til payday are now appearing EVERYWHERE you look. It’s not magic and it’s not a coincidence… It’s Remarketing!

The thing is, even if you’re driving a ton of traffic to your website, most visitors don’t become instant buyers.

In fact, a good conversion rate for a first-time visitor is maaaaaaybe around 2% if you’re lucky. That means 98% of your traffic is leaving your site, never to return!!

Say whaaaaaat?! You need a way to bring them back!

Unless you want to throw your money out the window, you’ve gotta Retarget lost 98%. This is your second chance to remind them who you are, win them back and turn them into buyers!

Search Engine Superstars has got you covered. You’ll learn all about what Remarketing is, how to do it and pretty soon, you’ll be following your site visitors everywhere on the Google Display Network, Facebook AND Instagram!

Here’s my promise to you… If you sign up for Search Engine Superstars and feel like you’re not learning anything new, just ask for a refund within 14 days.

You don’t have to show me your homework. You don’t have to give me any long-winded explanations. Seriously, all you have to do is ask for your money back and you’ll get a prompt refund. 

Search Engine Superstars is built to help any small or local business owner, or just simply any creative entrepreneur looking to expand their skillset in online marketing. I want this course to be accessible to everyone who’s ready to grow their business and make an impact!



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  • Super cash-flow friendly!


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  • Best value for sure!

Hey, I’m Deirdre!​

After 15 years, a family business, a corporate agency job and millions of dollars spent on client campaigns… I’ve got a thing or two to share when it comes to online marketing.

If you’re committed to making this the year you finally build and launch a profitable online marketing campaign, then I can’t wait to help you get there with Google Ads!


Still wondering if Search Engine Superstars is right for you? Check out these FAQs.

Of course you can! In fact, I’d rather you take your time going through these lessons, because setting up an online marketing campaign shouldn’t be rushed. So, listen and re-listen as many times as you need. However long it takes you to reach the finish line is fine by me!

Yep, absolutely! This is a Beginner to Intermediate level course. We’ll cover all of the fundamentals, like what Search Engine Marketing actually is, how it differs from Facebook and how to set up your first campaign.

This is a lifetime access course! All of these lessons are yours for the lifetime of this program. Plus, you’ll automatically get access to any and all updates. If I make a few tweaks, re-record content or upload new resources, it’s all yours!

I think there’s a LOT to be gained from this course, even if you’ve already got a campaign up and running. This program covers not only technical details, which can help you improve your overall campaign set-up, but strategy as well, which will help you improve your campaign performance. That being said, if you’re an expert who runs Google Ads for a living, this course is probably NOT for you.

I like to compare the Google Ads Academy to getting your Learner’s Permit before you drive a car. You study the handbook, memorize the rules of the road and pass a multiple-choice exam. But just because you’ve got your Learner’s Permit, it doesn’t mean you know how to drive a car. In Search Engine Superstars, I’m putting you in the driver’s seat and teaching you how to drive the car! This masterclass covers campaign set-up and strategy, with real-life examples from real, personal business experiences. 

The Define Marketing VIP Club is a private Facebook Community just for students of Search Engine Superstars. If you have ANY questions about ANYTHING you’re learning here, you can ask them in the VIP Club. If you’re struggling with any of your campaign settings, you can tell us about! I’ll be present in the group to help answer any questions you may have, but other students will be there to support you as well.

I'm Ready for Search Engine Superstars!

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