Bokeh Podcast: Intro to Google Ads for Photographers

Are you interested in testing out Google Ads in your business, but struggle with understanding the platform?

In episode 351 of the Bokeh Podcast, I had the pleasure of joining Nathan Holritz to discuss the basics of getting started with Google Ads!

If you’re interested in understanding the value, benefits, and campaign structure of Google Ads, then you’ll want to listen in!

Click the player above to listen to this episode! Alternatively, you can scan the notes below.

Bokeh Podcast featuring Deirdre Andrews

Customer Experience: Care about helping people and driving results for them; they’ll feel your intent. (4:45)

Brand Position: Teaching small business owners how to setup and manage their own Google ad campaigns, focusing on small and local business strategy. (9:52)

Technique for Time: Charge what you’re worth so that you aren’t overwhelmed with trying to find time to complete projects. (13:12)

Finding Inspiration (17:14)

Book Recommendations: (19:48)
Building a Storybrand –
Profit First –

Value in Google Ads: Superpower that other platforms don’t have—intent. (23:28)

SEO and Google Ads (36:09)
1. SEO takes time/effort to rank and you don’t control it.
2. Algorithm updates can hurt your efforts.
3. Ads show up at the top of the page.

Campaign Structure (30:05)
Ad Groups (similar to ad sets)

Ad Groups: Highlight the keywords and impact the ads that you will run for those keywords. (30:05)

Retargeting with Google Ads: (34:43)
Google Display Network – Reaches 90% of the Internet


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