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Search Engine Marketing for Wedding Photographers

Search Engine Marketing for Wedding Photographers December 21, 2019Leave a comment

I teach local business owners and creative entrepreneurs how to build and launch profitable online marketing campaigns.

Six Figure Photography with Ben Hartley

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been dominating the podcast scene lately.


Because I’m on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs turn their businesses into thriving personal empires. I mean, there are just so many passionate artists in this world who deserve to have their gifts seen!

But if there’s one thing that all creative entrepreneurs know, it’s this: no matter how talented you are as an artist, building a business around that talent is hard work.⁣⁣

I learned this firsthand when my brother and his wife opened a dance studio and I volunteered to help out with marketing.

Let me tell you something about my sister-in-law… she is one of the most talented choreographers you’ll ever meet. This woman creates stage performances that have audiences gasping in disbelief and then cheering for more because they’re so amazed. I’m not kidding!

And my brother? He’s an engineer turned stage manager who designs and builds stage props worthy of Cirque du Soleil.

But no matter how many competitions they won and no matter how many standing ovations they received… it just wasn’t enough to bring in a steady flow of new customers.

It took a solid marketing plan and a substantial investment in paid traffic to turn their amazing little studio into one of the most sought-after dance schools in their city.

And you know what?

Building a successful photography business is no different.

That’s why I’m so honoured to have been interviewed by THE one and only Ben Hartley, creator and host of the Six Figure Photography podcast.

Click on the player at the top of this post. Alternatively you can watch the video below, or read on…

Ben is an award-winning international wedding photographer. In less than 2 years he built a six-figure business and now he’s teaching other photographers how it’s done.

But here’s something I wasn’t expecting when I first met Ben…

He was NOT a fan of Search Engine Marketing 😱

He’d had success with Facebook and Instagram Ads but after testing out a few Google Ads a while back, he quickly decided that SEM just wasn’t worth it for photographers.

In fact, he told me straight up that I would have to convince him otherwise during our interview.

Well guess what… I think I did 😉

Wanna hear Ben Hartley’s transformation from Google Ads skeptic to SEM believer?

Click on the player at the top of this post and give Six Figure Photography a listen!

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I teach local business owners and creative entrepreneurs how to build and launch profitable online marketing campaigns.

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