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There are so many passionate artists in this world who deserve to have their gifts seen. But if there’s one thing that all creative entrepreneurs know, it’s this…

No matter how talented you are as an artist, building a business around that talent is hard work

And you know what?

Building a successful photography business is no different.

It takes a solid marketing plan to get new eyes on your business and get new leads hitting that “Book Now” button on your website.

If you’re ready to step up your marketing game and book more weddings this year, consider using Google Ads!

Can Google Ads Make a Difference?

Wondering what kind of difference Google Ads can actually make in your business?

Uh… a BIG one!

Ask my client Kathy, a wedding photographer from North Carolina.

{Photo of Kathy Beaver, Legacy & Legend}

Kathy has an incredible gift that allows her to capture the joy between two people in such an honest and authentic way.

There’s only one problem…

When COVID-19 hit and the lockdown happened, weddings were postponed (ugh, I can relate) and most of Kathy’s bookings went out the window.

Her brilliant solution? All-inclusive elopement packages! Everything from the officiant to the flowers and of course, the photography.

That’s how her business Legacy & Legend was born.

But how to get the word out? How to market her brand new business in a way that would bring in strong leads and actual bookings?

Spoiler Alert: Google Ads

Kathy knew there was a ton of search volume out there from people trying to figure out how to get married in the midst of all this craziness (people like me).

And so she got to work!

She set up a brand new Google Ads campaign from scratch.

She refreshed her website for simpler navigation and easy booking.

She set up her remarketing ads on Facebook and the Google Display Network.

Check out these gorgeous banners…

{Example of Kathy's Remarketing Ads}

The Results of Kathy’s Google Ads Campaign

I’m sure you’re wondering what kind of results Kathy got from her Google Ads campaign…

14 new elopements booked with retainers paid upfront — all within 8 weeks of officially launching her campaign!

Here’s what Kathy had to say about her experience:

“What an incredible first few weeks! I am super impressed! I have another pending booking — waiting on the contract to be signed and retainer paid — and another phone call tomorrow with a hot lead!”

Kathy Beaver, Legacy & Legend

If you’re interested in stepping up your marketing game and booking more weddings like Kathy, the first thing you should do is listen to my conversation with Ben Hartley, host of the Six Figure Photography podcast.

Six-Figure Photography with Ben Hartley

Ben is an award-winning international wedding photographer.

In less than 2 years he built a six-figure business and now he’s teaching other photographers how it’s done.

Click on the player at the top of this post to give this podcast a listen! Alternatively, you can read on…

Google Ads for Photographers featuring Deirdre Andrews

Consider that he teaches other photographers how to grow their businesses and get more clients, here’s something I wasn’t expecting when I first met Ben…

He was NOT a fan of Search Engine Marketing!

He’d had success with Facebook and Instagram Ads but after testing out a few Google Ads a while back, he quickly decided that SEM just wasn’t worth it for photographers.

In fact, he told me straight up that I would have to convince him otherwise during our interview.

Well, guess what… I think I did ?

Wanna hear Ben Hartley’s transformation from Google Ads skeptic to Search Engine Marketing believer?

Click on the player at the top of this post to give Six Figure Photography a listen!

And if you’re ready to learn how you can start booking anywhere from 5-20 new clients every month? Be sure to sign up for my free Google Ads Cheat Sheet.

I’m sharing 5 smart strategies to generate top quality web traffic with Google Ads and of course, turn your site visitors into customers.

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